The Service for Children and Young People (CYP)

A young person?

At times I find it difficult to express what’s going on and how I feel. It’s difficult to understand myself, what I’m feeling, and my reaction to certain situations. I would like someone to talk to about what is going on in my life. My friends and family aren’t always the right people. There are times when I need a special place to reflect, to sit and think and concentrate.

My family situation may have changed, someone may have died; I may have changed school, started college or a have new job; perhaps I’m struggling to fit in or my friendships have changed; I may be feeling lonely, upset or I’m having angry outbursts, or feeling worried or confused …etc. I don’t seem to have anyone I can trust to talk to about all this stuff.

It’s in situations like this that seeing a counsellor may help.

What we offer

Our sessions last up to 50 minutes each. You will see the same counsellor each week.

Who is the CYP service for?

Please note: we are currently only available to offer a very limited service due to counsellor availability.

We ask for a contribution of between £5 and £20 per session, but this can be waived under special circumstances. We have a sliding scale with regards to a client’s salary/household income and will ask you contribute accordingly.

If you are aged 13-18, there is the option to see a counsellor who has a particular interest or experience with your age group, or, if you are aged 18 and over, you can see one of our adult counsellors if you prefer

How do you get to see a counsellor?

A young person or a parent/carer can contact us by telephone, text or email to make an appointment.

What is counselling like?

Your counsellor will aim to help you feel comfortable enough to express what you are experiencing and how you feel. They will try hard to understand what the world is like for you, what “your world” is like, what it is like to “be you”.

You will not be made to talk if you don’t want to. You will be encouraged to decide for yourself how to use the time. Art, play and expressive materials are available including books, writing materials and games.

What kind of issues can you bring to counselling?

Anything - but here are some examples: divorce, domestic violence, bereavement, school /friendship problems, self harm, abuse, being fostered/adopted, parent substance/alcohol abuse, suicide of relative, victim of gang culture/robbery, loss, relationship difficulties with parent/peer/step-parent, self harm, neglect/feeling unseen, victim of grooming, anger … etc


“It has made me more confident and sociable”

“I remembered things about my uncle and close relatives that have died … it helped me release myself from pain”

“I’ve got bounce-back-ability” “I am more confident and strong”

“I’m thinking more positively and I can deal with the big things in life”

“Home has felt tremendously different. I tell my mum things instead of bottling them up”

[Bounce-back-ability describes how the process of therapy has released pressure].

Parents / Carers

We have a leaflet that gives more information for parents/carers.


Counselling sessions are by appointment only. Sessions are delivered in person, by phone, and online.


Face to Face Counselling
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