The Service for Adults


We value autonomy. Our counsellors are trained in the Person Centred Model of counselling. You ‘self refer’, i.e. there is no need for a GP referral. Counselling is ‘open-ended’ – you decide when you are ready to finish counselling.


We ask for a contribution per session of between £4 and £16 to help cover our costs. We have a sliding scale with regards to a client’s salary/household income and will ask you contribute accordingly.


Counselling sessions are by appointment only. Appointments are available 7 days a week and also in the evenings. Book an appointment via telephone.

Please note that due to the current pandemic we are currently carrying out online and telephone Counselling


Face to Face Counselling
St. Clement's Church
St. Clement's Road
M21 9AE

Tel: 0161 881 1535

Email: [email protected]

Registered Charity No. 1141342